Old Books…

Since all of the books which I have read recently, have been for school, the majority of them have not been from this decade, much less this century. I’m not sure whether anyone would be interested in reviews of these books!

Books from left to right: A Tale of Two Cities and Bleak House by Charles Dickens, Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell, and Villette and Shirley by Charlotte Brontë.

I took a crime fiction class too, but those books were not so recent either…

Therefore, unless someone requests it through a private message of through the comments, I will not review these books. I will wait to finish the first book which I will be reading on my own time, and review that.

I am currently finishing graduate school, and therefore have to put essays and marking before the fun stuff, haha. But I will be able to read for fun again very soon!



PS. I think that the first book which I will be finishing will be Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I’ve been itching to start this series for some time now, and I have already read the first 5 sample chapters from amazon.ca despite being swamped with school work. Sigh. Such is the life of a bibliophile!


2 thoughts on “Old Books…

    • flaviamariamarin says:

      Yes! I’ve read the first 5 sample chapters, and I was very impressed! I’d seen the book around for years, but always had an iffy feeling about it for some reason. I wish my school offered Fantasy and Sci Fi classes 😛

      And yes, the crime/mystery novels were fun for sure! I’m just not sure if anyone would be interested in a review about them, since they’ve been around for so long…


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