“Turn to Page 394” Thursdays

ezgif-2335726244.gifSooo I just realized that since I could not find anyone else online who has come up with this book blogging meme, I should make a post about it! Call out for others to join me…and such…hah.

During my search for daily themed memes to post on my blog (because sometimes I take longer to read books, especially when I’m busy, and I don’t want my blog to just sit…unused), I came across multiple memes which sounded fun and interesting.

While selecting the ones I wanted to match up to each weekday, I found myself stuck on what to post on Thursdays.

tumblr_inline_o1b1n7lYqv1qg84ou_500Inspired by some of the memes like “first page first chapter,” or “chapter 5” memes (for example), I decided to come up with “Turn to Page 394” Thursdays!

(If another book blogger has come up with this before me, and I simply did not find out about it when I did my research, please let me know in the comments below!)

Like many of you, I am a Harry Potter fan, and with the tragic loss of Alan Rickman early this year (R.I.P.), I thought that I would dedicate this blog hop to both. While doing my research, I also found that Alan Rickman left us on a Thursday. I could not believe how perfectly this all fit.

So there you have it. My first blog hop. ezgif-519078991.gif

I’m hoping that some of you will join me. But even if you don’t…I will have fun with this on my own too! (Psssst! I do actually hope you join!)

….or maybe I’ll have fun with this meme on my own and just judge you Harry, Ron, and Hermione style…

Just kidding! I love you guys.

My first Page 394 meme post will go up tomorrow, and I’m so ready!!!




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