Pokemon GO Book Tag

I’ve been wanting to complete this tag ever since the amazing Aentee posted her awesome idea 2 days ago! She decided to create a book tag which would combine our love for books and our love for Pokemon and Pokemon GO! It’s genius.


Disclaimer: Like Aentee, I sadly do not own Pokemon or Pokemon GO, so please don’t sue meeee.

Rules: Link back to Aentee’s post, and linking back to mine is optional. If you participate, you can tag people or just play on your own. Up to you!

And here we go!!!


ezgif-724872440.gif I always have such a hard time choosing between these three! They’re all just so cute, and hold great nostalgic value for me. This time around, for Pokemon GO, I chose Charmander! Who did you choose?
ezgif-724872440 And hmmm, which books started my love for reading? The earliest books that I can recall, which made me buy one after the other so I could read them was the Animorphs series! I was living in Austria at the time, and was reading the in German. I was so addicted to them! The plot was intense, and made you want to buy book after book after book!

ezgif-724872440 I don’t have a Pikachu in Pokemon GO yet, and it’s killing me! Like Aentee, I only found out AFTER starting the game and picking my starter, that there’s a way to start out with Pikachu. GAH. It’s ok. I’ll find you Pikachu!
ezgif-724872440 As for the iconic classic that I’ll always love…I’ll have to go with Jane Eyre. I would have picked Pride and Prejudice…but I haven’t read that book yet. Yes, I know. Shameful. I am ashamed. But anyway, Jane Eyre is my second favourite classic anyway. Though Wuthering Heights and A Tale of Two Cities are close behind.


ezgif-724872440 These are so common, hahaha. But I have a hard time catching them because they fly. Maybe I just suck. I don’t know.


ezgif-724872440 And hmm, a book I lost interest in? The only one I can think of is Twilight. I remember that when it came out, I read it and I really liked it. It hadn’t been that popular yet. But, then everything just kind of exploded, and it was just everywhere. I got sick of it. Sorry to those of you who love it, haha. I loved it one point too.


ezgif-724872440 Ditto is so cute. I wish I could find one. Just look at it! I’ve always liked seeing ditto when watching the anime back in the day. Is Ditto in any of the movies? I’ve watched some of them recently but I can’t remember.


ezgif-724872440 For this one I’d have to say the The Hunger Games trilogy. I’ve heard that it’s similar to books like Battle Royale, and the whole triangle love story is just everywhere. But I still really enjoyed reading the books, and I like the movies too.


ezgif-724872440 Snorlax is cuuuute! He reminds me of Totoro haha. Huge and sleepy. I hope I’ll get to catch one. He looks all cuddly and makes me want to snuggle and nap. Hahaha.


ezgif-724872440 Sheer size you say?! That has never daunted me! I was reading 1000+ pagers when I was 13, hahaha. But…there is one book that I haven’t started because of its size and because of the style of language. Anna Karenina is a very thick book, and even though I have a Master’s in English Literature, reading that much of that kind of English is a little scary. Haha.


ezgif-724872440 Gengar is a creepy little rascal, haha. But I still wish I could find and catch one. Gotta catch ’em all, you know?


ezgif-724872440 A book that kept me up at night? Most recently it was actually A Court of Mist and Fury. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s something that happens, involving a creature that just scared the life out of me. I was reading this part at night too, and I had to turn all of the lights on.


ezgif-724872440 Aweee true looove. Those two are too much, haha. Hoping to find two of these at one point. I always found it interesting that these guys are gendered.


ezgif-724872440 My bookish OTP eh? Well, this OTP certainly overshadows all others. Whether it’s because this is the book I’m currently reading or not (we shall see later on)…But my current OTP is Feyre and Rhysand from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series.


ezgif-724872440 Aweeee I really like this pokemon. Though I guess I didn’t love it enough to remember its name? Or maybe I had remembered it by its German name…I don’t know. In either case, he’s cute and I hope I catch one.


ezgif-724872440 For this I would have to go with The Silence of the Lambs. It’s very good, intense, and fast paced. I wasn’t able to put it down! Don’t read it late at night, or in general if you’re easily freaked out!


ezgif-724872440 Eevee! This one is definitely one of my faves! I keep seeing them nearby but have only been able to catch 2 so far! Oh the frustration!!!


ezgif-724872440 Hmm, for this I think I’ll have to pick Star Wars? I’ve never read any of the books, but I love that there are so many of them, because I really like the universe that Star Wars is set in. It’s very complex and with endless possibilities.


ezgif-724872440 This pokemon cracks me up! The constant flopping and the gaping mouth. The bulging eyes. I hatched one today and I just laughed!


ezgif-724872440 I will have to say that I was surprised (pleasantly so), when I picked up the first book of the Night Runner series by Lynn Flewelling, Luck in the Shadows. I forget who recommended it to me, but by that point I had been used to so many LGBTQ fantasy books being just terrible (maybe I just had bad luck with them), that I kept my expectations for this series very low. But it turned out being one of the best series that I have ever encountered!


ezgif-724872440 Ahhhh the legendaries. I wonder if some of us will become advanced enough to be able to catch and fight with legendary pokemon. One can dream, right?


ezgif-724872440 As for the series which is overhyped but I’m still very pumped to read, I will have to say The Lunar Chronicles! I’ve read the first 5 chapters of Cinder and I was blown away! Marissa Meyer managed to create an amazing world within just a few pages, and her characters were so so tangible. I can’t wait to get to reading this series in full! Well…up to the most recently published book in the series anyway, as it is still ongoing.


ezgif-724872440 Mew and Mewtwo! I remember when I first saw that Pokemon movie and I was just in awe at the graphics, and the amount of power which Mew and Mewtwo possessed. I also remember this being one of the first films where I became angry at those who experiment with things, just for the sake of their own selfish greed and curiosity.


ezgif-724872440 Hands down, I wish I owned every single Tolkien book in leatherbound format. I just know that I’ll never get sick of Tolkien, and I would like to have them in a format that will not get damaged very quickly, as I would like to have them forever.


ezgif-724872440  Ooooooo poke-eggs. There’s nothing cuter than baby pokemon! I wish every species had a baby phase! Some of them just appear all grown up right away. No fun! Baby pokemon are like baby animals…too cute for words. Especially Pichu and Togepi!!!


ezgif-724872440  If it can be a book that has already been released this year, I’ll say The Star-touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi. If it has yet to be released….I don’t really know…haha. I think that all of the books I am looking forward to are by established authors, or part of a series (so automatically by established authors).


ezgif-724872440 Gah I still have to get one of those lure thinger-ma-jigs! I keep hearing about them, but because I’ve been busy, and therefore behind in the game…I haven’t even SEEN one yet.


ezgif-724872440 Like Aentee, I have a number of auto-buy authors! They are J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Sarah J. Maas, Lynn Flewelling, Susanna Clarke, Jane Austin, any of the Brontë siblings, Poppy Z. Brite, Kiersten White, Holly Black, Anne Rice, Terry Goodkind, and probably a bunch more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.


ezgif-724872440 Gaaah this has been happening way too often! I don’t like when it happens while I’m running errands or something (a.k.a. when I’m actually moving around the city, hahaha).


ezgif-724872440 As for a book that I’ve been awaiting the release of, the first one I can think of is the sequal to Warm Bodies. I read Warm Bodies back in 2010 or 2011, and have been awaiting a sequal since then! I recently acquired the prequal, which was released not too long ago, but it’s not the sequal, you know? I want to know what happens after, not before. But luckily, the sequal is coming out either late this year or early next year! FINALLY!


And finally….tag time! Wow this post took a while to put together, and it turned out quite long haha. I hope all of you made it to the end…because those who did (and who run book blogs), are TAGGED!

Please leave a link to your post containing this book tag either in my comments or in the comments below the originator’s post.

I hope to see lots of you participating in this! It’s so much fun!

11 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Book Tag

  1. daniellethamasa says:

    Yes! I love that you were a fan of Animorphs. I still own the entire series and will likely never get rid of them. To this day I still consider Tobias to be my book boyfriend. I don’t care how many more book boyfriends I find now and in the future, Tobias was the first and in my mind shall always be the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      Yay a fellow Animorphs fan! I wish I had kept mine, but I had to sell them when we moved from Austria to Canada. We didn’t bring any books with us, except dad’s big chunky copy of The Lord of the Rings. And aweee Tobias. I forget who my favourite was…

      Did you ever watch the television series? I know I watched some here in Canada when it came out, but I either didn’t finish them all, or they were in the process of making more or something.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    Thanks so much for doing the tag 💕 glad you enjoyed it!
    I really loved TSTQ, definitely my favourite debut this year so I highly recommend it. I also need to read Jane Eyre at some point. I am embarrassingly uneducated in the classics.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      Yes, I really enjoyed it! I’m glad I found it through Twitter 🙂 💕

      And yeah I’m really excited to read TSTQ. I hope I get to do that soon. Also, Jane Eyre is very very good! And don’t feel bad haha, I mean I haven’t read Pride and Prejudice for goodness’ sake! As an English lit student I’m pretty embarrassed about that…


  3. j.belk says:

    Haha, this tag is SO cute!! I’m not a big Pokemon GO fan, but I am aware of what it’s all about and I think this tag is absolutely adorable, lol. Wonderful post, Flavia! 🙂

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sabrina Joy says:

    Omg I love Pokemon and this was great to read! 😛 Unfortunately, I can’t play Pokemon GO because it’s not available for Samsung so I’m waiting for the day until then. This was a very cute post though, and if I played, I would totally catch Eevees all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      Ahh thank you so much! 🙂 And I’m sorry to hear that! Is it not available for Samsung in your country? Because I play it on a Samsung…

      And yes the Eevees are too cute! I wish I could find more of them haha 😛


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