#Blogwarts Update (#1)

ezgif-517030219It’s almost been 10 days since I first wrote about The Blogwarts School of Wordcraft and Bloggery here, so I thought that it may be time for another update! I also think that this post will help me to get back into blogging, after taking a semi-break due to #ReadThemAllThon (which I kind of failed at, sigh), and 5 day vacation in Quebec City.

tumblr_mx4o9eAvke1qck0h4o1_r1_250.gifThe Blogwarts School of Wordcraft and Bloggery is run by the amazing Anthony from aVeryAwkwardBlog, by the way, and you can find more posts about it all here!

Since my last update, Blogwarts has officially opened, and the first task has also been assigned to students! The main Blogwarts forum has also opened, along with each individual House’s common room (for which the links can be found in the Welcome thread in the General board of the main forum). It’s been very fun so far (if you couldn’t tell from my rambling), and we are still accepting students, despite the school having officially opened! Come join us!

tumblr_mx4o9eAvke1qck0h4o4_r1_250.gifSomehow…I also became the Head of House of Slikerin House! And I cannot begin to express how honoured and excited I feel about this!

So yes, come join in the fun! Students are still being accepted and sorted into either Slikerin (go Slikerin go!), Gryffindraft (booo! ….just kidding!), Ravenclick, or Hufflepost! The Heads of each House (me included), as well as Prefects for each House, are there to guide and help students. Participation in each task is not mandatory, but the more people work together to get it done, the better each house will do! At the end of it all, the House with the most points wins the House Cup!

I look forward to seeing you all at Blogwarts! And may you all have a magical school year!



Calling all Slikerins! Our initial Head of House stepped down around the time the first task was announced! We therefore got a late start. Also, only 3 Slikerins have been active in helping with the first task! We need your help. Please come join us on http://slikerin.boards.net or the other Houses will beat us!

I will list all Slikerins here, hoping that the pingbacks will lead you here and to our forum!

Note: If you’ve been participating already, please disregard this message!




Trisha Malone


Melanie Noell












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