#Blogwarts Update (#2)

ezgif-517030219With the first task completed and the respective grades assigned, it’s time for another update about The Blogwarts School of Wordcraft and Bloggery also known as The Bloggers House Cup!!!

If you are not participating in the game (which by the way, is still accepting players if you’re interested!), or you haven’t been following the game, the first task was that we create a music video which represents our House (Slikerin, Ravenclick, Hufflepost, or Gryffindraft). We had to re-write the lyrics of a song, record it, and then make a video to go with it all.

And I am happy to announce that Slikerin won first place in this first task!

As Head of House, I would really like to thank Melanie, our Slikerin Prefect, for not only re-writing most of the lyrics, but also singing and recording the audio, as well as putting the visual portion of our video together! I would also like to thank all of the others who helped, especially bookslayerreadsJust Average Teen Metrishamalone, and jerrodology. Note, these are their usernames on the board and I’ll try to match them up to their blogs (now or later).

You can watch the Slikerin video below!

For all of the other Houses’ videos, please visit aVeryAwkwardBlog.com!

tumblr_nc5y696dnj1rwt5lho1_500Now, the second task has been assigned (a very fun scavenger hunt!), and we are off to an amazing start! The ambition of the Slikerins is really shining through!!!

You can look forward to more updates soon! The 2nd task ends in 6 days, and we are very excited to see which House will win this one!

If you’re jealous of all of the fun we’re having, students are still being accepted and sorted into either Slikerin (go Slikerin go!), Gryffindraft (booo! ….just kidding!), Ravenclick, or Hufflepost! The Heads of each House (me included), as well as Prefects for each House are there to guide and help students. Participation in each task is not mandatory, but the more people work together to get it done, the better each house will do! At the end of it all, the House with the most points wins the House Cup!

I look forward to seeing you all at Blogwarts! And may you all have a magical school year!


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