Top Ten Tuesday (#6): Top Ten Books I’ve Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately


It’s Tuesday again! And that means it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday! This is one of my favourite memes, seriously, and judging from the responses to my past Top Ten Tuesday posts, you guys seems to prefer these weekly posts too!

This week’s prompt is:

Ten Books I’ve Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately

ezgif-1780740904(inspired by The Broke and the Bookish’s New to the Queue posts)

And this will be easy, because I’m always actively adding books to my Goodreads “to read” list (and if you don’t believe me, take a look: Flavia’s Goodreads “To Read” List)! I shall list the books in order of 10th oldest-added to the to-be-read list, to the most recently added:

 – ONE –

Alexandra Grigorescu’s Cauchemar

22750291I found out about this book last week, while browsing through Twitter. An account, I forget which, had mentioned this book and it caught my attention. I’m not sure if it was the author’s name (it sounds very Romanian!), the title of the book, the cover, or the description, but I was captivated. So, I tweeted about the book (again, I forget exactly what I said), and that day, or the next day, I was contacted by ECW Press, asking if I wanted to receive a copy of the book to read and review! I of course accepted, and in my excitement also requested 2 more books! I am very excited to read this “romantic, Southern Gothic drama” of a novel sometime between now and December.

– TWO –

Amy Harmon’s The Bird and the Sword

29008738I found out about this book through a post on Taylor Knight’s Twitter account. When I looked the book up on Goodreads, I knew this was the kind of book I would enjoy. I’ve been getting a little tired of similar plot lines or character types, and this book sounds like something very original (or at least, more original than some). The main character is a girl whose mother cursed her, and her father, on the day she died. The girl is stuck in the form of a bird (or that’s what I got from the summary), and her dad can’t take over the country as king unless he wants something back to happen. My summary sucks, but it sounds good, trust me!


Simon Curtis’ Boy Robot

28498236Not sure why I didn’t request this book along with the other Simon and Schuster ARCs I requested. But it happened, and now I regret it. I requested it the other day, but there likely won’t be any copies left over, haha, so we’ll see. But anyway, it sounds like a very good, and very relevant books. Especially with all of the AI books coming out, as well as HBO’s “Westworld” (which is amazing by the way), we are definitely still asking the questions “what is it to be AI?” and “what is it to be human?” These are very important questions, and I always enjoy narratives which attempt to (effectively) tackle these questions. Boy Robot comes out on November 15th!

– FOUR –

Jean McNeil’s The Dhow House

9781770413498_1024x1024This is an upcoming, 2017 release from ECW Press, and the third book which I asked for a review copy of, from them (see above). I really like the cover, despite it being simple. The colours work together very well, and the text is very balanced. This book is about a woman who works in an east Aftican field hospital. But something happens, and she has to get away from there, and ends up taking refuge at her aunt’s house on the Indian ocean. There she experiences some reprieve, and lives a good life, until her old life tries to come and destroy everything she’s come to hold dear. The plot sounds exciting, and the book overall sounds like it has the potential to be a beautifully-written novel. I am very much looking forward to receiving this book in the mail.

– FIVE –

Lana Popović’s Wicked Like a Wildfire

32051720This book appeared in the “Readers Also Enjoyed” sidebar on Goodreads while I was looking at another upcoming 2017 title (although I forget which. Surprise surprise.) And the first thing which caught my attention was the cover. It’s just so incredibly colourful and I’ve always been a fan of floral designs. The summary is also intriguing, although it could easily turn into a book similar to books with the same premise if the author doesn’t handle the plot and characters correctly. The book centers around a family of women who can manipulate things with magic, which sounds familiar. But I like that the book takes place in Montenegro, which is a setting I have not yet explored in any book. The daughters are not allowed to fall in love, and there is a curse,…both of which sound a little familiar, but again, I think the author could make this story unique if she avoids certain tropes. I may request this book from the publisher.

– SIX –

Connie Willis’ Cross Talk

25430566This book, I hadn’t actually heard about until voting in the semifinals for the Goodreads Choice Awards today. The cover struck me as interesting, and when I read the summary, I thought I’d add this book to my “to read” list. There has to be a reason it’s made it to the semifinals right? Like the book I discussed above, this book sounds like it has the potential to come across like many other books in the same category, which could be a reason why it made it onto the semifinals. If people like one type of book, they will read as many books like it as possible, right? I’m like that as well, although to a point. I will get sick of certain character or plot tropes if I encounter too many of them in a short amount of time. This book came out on October 4th this year, but I hadn’t heard about it until today. Hm.

 – SEVEN –

Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter

27833670I have seen and heard people raving about this book for some time now, but for some reason I always felt like I had to keep it at arm’s length. Maybe it’s the cover, or maybe the contents, or maybe a combination? I’m not entirely sure, but today I decided that I would add it to my “to read” list and eventually tackle it. There has to be a reason why everyone seems to enjoy this book. And while the cover comes off as masculine (does anyone else find that? or am I insane?), I’ve seen a lot of female bloggers recommend this book, so I’ll definitely give it a try eventually. The plot also does sound more and more intriguing every time I read the summary.


Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot

26030734This is a middle-grade book, and while I tend to avoid those (I’ve reviewed mainly children’s, YA, and adult books), I have seen this one everywhere. The cover is also very nice to look at, as well as intriguing. I am very curious about this book, and may have to see if it’s available at my local library. I like the sound of the summary, but I can’t really sit through the writing of a middle-grade book. Maybe this is because they’re not written for my age group (obviously), or because I don’t feel at all challenged by such a level of writing. This book, however, despite its age group, sounds like it discusses some interesting aspects about self-discovery, and fitting in. I would therefore definitely give it a try, at least.

– NINE –

Jacqueline Carey’s Miranda and Caliban

25670396I also found out about this book today, though the “Readers Also Enjoyed” sidebar, and it sounds very interesting. It’s a re-telling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest from the perspectives of Miranda (as a child raised away from her home country, on a nearly-empty island, and with memories of the place where she’s from), and Taliban (a wild boy, who is the only other resident on the island, and who has forgotten how to speak or socialize). This book will be released next year on Valentine’s Day! I hope that’s indicative of how romantic this book will be~ Maybe? Do you guys think it’ll be a romance? Or will it have no romance at all? Let me know what you think.

– TEN –

Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark

30233110And finally, the newest addition to my Goodreads “to read” list, Veronica Roth’s upcoming Carve the Mark! I’ve seen this book around for quite some time now, and while I was intrigued by the plot summary, I have been hesitating. I was one of the first people to read Divergent, and I was so in love with the book (mid-way through), that I started a Divergent-themed Tumblr account which became quite popular! (Don’t go looking for it now, because I deleted it years ago.) After that point in the first book, however, I began feeling very frustrated with Tris (the main character) as well as the book itself. Despite this, I started reading the second book, and was unable to finish it. Some of Tris’s decisions just didn’t make any sense to me, and I was becoming angry. So I just stopped reading. Even though I had this experience, I watched all of the movies which have come out so far, and have enjoyed the story and characters in them quite a bit more than in the books. But, back to the topic of Carve the Mark. I was worried that it would become another Divergent for me, but after seeing some of my trusted fellow bloggers praise this book, I’ve decided that I will give it a try after all. After all, I do believe in second chances, and Roth just might surprise me.


Which ARE the 10 most recent books you’ve added to your TBR list? Also, have you ever heard of some of the books which I’ve listed above? Please, let me know in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#6): Top Ten Books I’ve Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately

  1. thebookprophet says:

    Ten books I most recently added to my TBR:
    The Grace of Kings
    The Golem and the Jinni
    The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch
    The Blue Jay
    American Gods
    The Amazing Book is Not on Fire
    Naked ’76
    The Future King: Logres
    I don’t even remember what half of these are about lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rissi says:

    I’m definitely curious about Veronica Roth’s new book although I’ve not read any of her novels before now. Still, I do enjoy the films. Also, don’t know anything about “Cross Talk,” but that cover? Yeah, it certainly is attention grabbing!

    Love your gifs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      Yeah, Roth’s new novel sure sounds intriguing. I just don’t want to get burned again, you know? 😛 They’re not distributing ARCs in Canada for that one, so we’ll see if I ever get around to getting my hands on a copy and reading it.

      And yes, that cover sure catches the eye! Guess we’ll have to see if the interior is any good 😛

      Also, thanks so much!! 😀


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