Beauty Products I Cannot Live Without

ezgif-3-60e709b919Hello everyone! This post will be a little different from what I usually post, since it won’t be a review, but rather an overview of the products which I use every day (or almost every day) in my skincare and makeup routines! So, if you would like to know which products I use to make my skin look and feel as good as it possibly can (taking into consideration genetics, and which foods I eat, etc.), this is the post for you!


And now, without further ado, here are most of them (I ran out of face wash and wipes when I took this photo, so was unable to include them in them photos for this post, but I can include them at the bottom of the list below)! From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Bamboo makeup brushes by EcoTools
    • I’ve had these for a few years now and really like them, but I may have to upgrade to a better brush set sometime soon, since I want better results!
  2. Iceland water moisturizer for combination skin by The Saem
    • I really like the smell of this moisturizer and the initial feeling when I first apply it to my face. Afterward, however, my skin feels a little sticky though, so I will be switching to a new moisturizer soon. If you don’t mind that last part though, I recommend this product! It’s definitely for combination skin, as it keeps my skin from getting oily or dry all year round.
  3. Thanakha pore minimizing toner by The Saem
    • I’ve been using this toner for about 2 years now and I really like it. I have seen definitely results regarding the visibility of my pores. It has also helped even out my skin tone!
  4. Thanakha pore minimizing serum by The Saem
    • The same goes for the serum. I think that for the best results, it would be best to use the toner and serum together.
  5. Backstage gel eye liner by Tonymoly
    • Some 3 years ago or so, my eyelids started becoming oily (something I never had an issue with before, but is apparently common when a woman nears a certain age *cough*). My eyeliners and eyeshadow started melting off my face and making me look like I was bawling my eyes out for hours, or just a sloppy girl, within an hour after I applied everything. So I began my search for the perfect eyeliner for my now picky eyelids, and I found this Tonymoly gel eye liner! A combination of this eyeliner and an eyeshadow primer (listed below, #22) allows me to show off my eye makeup for quite a bit longer than like 45 minutes!
  6. Photo finish primer by Smashbox
    • I really like this makeup primer by Smashbox! I received a sample tube over 1 year ago with a purchase, and I still haven’t run out of it! Mind you I don’t put on a full face of makeup every day, but still, I think that’s pretty good. I really like using this on my nose before I apply the last step of my makeup routine (the powder, listed below, #23) for a really flawless, pore-less look.
  7. Roller Lash mascara by Benefit Cosmetics
    • I discovered this mascara more than a year ago now, and I am head-over-heels in love. Thus far, I’ve been able to achieve the exact mascara look I’ve been wanting with this mascara. It does not only separate lashes, but also curls them, and adds to their length (or just makes them look longer somehow). Love love love this product.
  8. Brow liners by The Face Shop
    • I’m fond of this brow liners, as I like the colours, they were very affordable, and are Korean! I may switch to a brow liner by Benefit Cosmetics when I run out of these ones though, as I tested some about 2 weeks ago and fell in love.
  9. Acne fighting, tinted moisturizer by Garnier
    • I recently tested the toxicity levels of this product with an app on my friend’s phone, and was shocked at how high its toxicity levels are. I do like using this as a base for my makeup though, so I might just use it up before buying something different. (I’m bad, I know.)
  10. Contour palette by E.L.F.
    • As I don’t contour very often, this palette is suitable for me. It’s affordable, and I like the colours, as well as the way this product goes onto my face (amount, finish, etc.)
  11. Talc-free blush by Mineral Wear® Physicians Formla
    • I’ve been using this blush for as long as I can remember. I had very acne prone skin in high school, and switched to this blush around that time as it kept my cheeks from breaking out too badly.
  12. Concealer stick with tea tree oil by E.L.F. (medium light)
    • I really like the coverage this product gives me when it comes to trouble spots, and it also works on healing zits while I have a full face of makeup on! It dries them out pretty quick, and because this stick is so cheap, I will sometimes use it as an overnight solution too!
  13. Lipstick by Etude House (orange)
    • I used this lipstick a lot more 3ish years ago than I do now, but I still like it a lot and will wear it on occasion (although more so in the spring and summer).
  14. Egg pore silky smooth balm 20g by Tonymoly
    • I really like using this balm as a makeup primer (if I don’t use my tinted moisturizer, as they don’t like to mix together), and I will sometimes wear it and nothing else if I’m going for a makeup-free look. The scent is subtle and citrus-y.
  15. Moisturizing lipstick by E.L.F. (Velvet Rope #82639)
    • This is my second favourite lip colour at the moment, and this lipstick really is moisturizing! Careful not to smoosh it during hotter days of the day though, like I did, woops…
  16. Essential lipstick by E.L.F. (Nostalgic #7707)
    • I don’t use this lipstick on its own, but rather mix it with other colours to make them look more subtle or paste-like.
  17. Velvet matte lipstick by E.L.F. (Flirty Flamingo #82673)
    • And this is my favourite lip colour right now! It feels great on my lips, but…I don’t find the finish to be matte at all though, haha.
  18. Lipstick by BITE (Honeycomb & Whiskey)
    • I received these from Influenster and Bite Beauty for sampling purposes, and they are definitely my favourite formula! The colours they sent me are not perfect for my skin, but I will wear them, and they did make me experiment with colours out of my comfort zone!
  19. Lipliner by BITE (020 & 044)
    • These lip liners I also received from Influenster and Bite Beauty, and have helped me to realize how necessary lip liners really are to achieve that perfect lipstick look!
  20. Saemmul Wrapping Tint 15g by The Saem (#RD01 Redberry)
    • I only use this tint when I have a lot of time to get ready, since you have to leave it on until it dries in order to avoid making a mess, and also in order to achieve the best, and longest-lasting look.
  21. Oil-balancing charcoal face scrub by Sukin Organics (not in photos)
    • I managed to lose my The Saem teatree oil face wash (somehow), before taking this photo. But I bought a new wash since then! This charcoal one has been controlling my breakouts very well, and also has some scrubbing action, so it exfoliates too. I also like that it’s all organic ingredients, and cruelty free.
  22. Positively Radiant makeup wipes by Aveeno (not in photos)
    • I’d bought these wipes before and liked that my eyes didn’t burn when I would wipe my eye makeup off. It also moisturizes my skin fairly well, so that I don’t have to apply moisturizer every time I remove my makeup with these.
  23. Eyeshadow primer potion (original) by Urban Decay (not in photos)
    • I need to buy this eye makeup primer again since I ran out. It’s kind of pricey, but very much worth it! My eye makeup stays put the entire night!
  24. Translucent mattifying powder by E.L.F. (not in photos)
    • And finally, the last step in my makeup application process, the mattifying powder. This is what I sort of set my makeup with, and remove any left over shine (which I end up with a lot because I don’t use foundation).




4 thoughts on “Beauty Products I Cannot Live Without

  1. Jenna @ Falling Letters says:

    A few book bloggers I follow have recently started to write about make up as well. I actually like this, as makeup is something I’m starting to get into more and I can get some advice from bloggers I’m already familiar with! You’ve given me some ideas as to what I can spend my Sephora gift card and PC Plus points on, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      Ahhh you make a very good point! I’d also be more likely to trust the opinions of bloggers whom I already know 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading! And I’m so glad I could help 😀


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