February 2017 Kawaii Box (Review)

kawaiiProduct: February 2017 Kawaii Box
Type: Surprise subscription crate
What: Cute Japanese and Korean stickers, plushies, snacks, and other misc. items.
Company: Kawaii Box
Made in: Japan, Korea, China
Current price: 19.80 USD
Shipping: Free worldwide
Source: Personal purchase.


Hello everyone! It’s finally here, my review of the February 2017 Kawaii Box! I’ve been wanting (and meaning) to review this subscription box since the day it arrived, but got buried under work and reading and book reviews. But this is getting done NOW, before my March 2017 box arrives, haha. That’s right! I liked the Feb box so much that I decided to order again!

So, I shall re-post the above image in a bigger size so that you can get a better look at all that was included. Also, just a side note, but the throw pillow, the large Alpakasso plushie, and the small pink plushie behind the subscription box WERE NOT INCLUDED. Those are my own personal items, which I decided to include in the photo. Alright, and now here’s the pic for you:


From left to right:

  1. Glico Popcan Disney lollipop -> which I have not tried because I’ve been dieting for some 3-4 weeks now (GAH!)  But mine is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head, and looks super tasty!
  2. IMG_20170210_165916_569A cute Valentine’s Day card with a kitty on the front, and a list of everything which was included in the box, written in English (since most of the stuff has descriptions written on them in Japanese or Korean). I thought this was sweet of them to include, as well as very helpful!
  3. Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Kit Colourful Ramune Land candies -> which was basically DIY candies! I’ll talk more about this below, and have provided a slideshow as well!
  4. Cute ribbon hair clip -> which is adorable, but a little wasted on me since I don’t wear clips like that, or bows, in my hair. It’s super cute though, so I’ll probably keep it and just put it on a plushie or something.
  5. Valentine’s plush stickers -> these are so fluffy and cute! And their colours are to die for! I just love pastels, and I might use these to decorate the front of my bullet journal hehe (since the pages wouldn’t sit right if I stuck these inside of it.
  6. A61F311F-F87B-4C5D-9093-CCFEE4D1428DKorean meal eraser set -> this set made me squeal! I’ve never seen or bought anything so cute and just KOREAN before. It was really great to see some of my favourite meals in the form of erasers. I don’t think I’ll actually ever use these to erase anything, but will keep them as cute figurines.
  7. Twinkle deco jewels -> these jewel stickers are quite pretty, but like the bow, a little wasted on me. I wouldn’t use these in, or outside of, my journal, so I’m not quite sure what use I’ll find for them. But I might always just give them away or use them for a Halloween costume or something.
  8. Kawaii bunny phone ring holder and stand -> for some reason, even though I read the name and description of this item on the provided card, it registered as being one of those purse hook things in my mind! Not until I looked at the card again today did I realize it’s for a cellphone! I could have been using it this whole time!!! Anyway this is fairly cool, and I love that the bunny is a pastel pink and mint in colour.
  9. Harajuku badge -> which was another thing kind of wasted on me, since I don’t collect pins. But it is pretty cute, so I may just pin it to my cork board and have it decorate my space that way.
  10. IMG_20170210_170239_624Ghost Pop pocket mirror -> I really like the colour and illustration on this mirror, and I like the size of it too. It will easily fit into a purse, while also being a decent size. I can never properly use tiny pocket mirrors, but this one is big enough, and clear enough, to actually help me touch up my make-up if I need to, while I’m out and about.
  11. Pocky stick ballpoint pen -> this was one of the items which I was most excited about! You should have seen my face when I lifted it out of the box and studied it before realizing there was a cap and it’s a PEN! It’s so cute! Seriously.
  12. And finally, the Nemuneko plushie -> this was one of the items I was most excited
    for, since I knew that each box would contain a plushie, and I LOVE plushies. And the February box plushie was no disappointment! It’s super soft, adorable, and very much from Japan! I think that it’s definitely one of those plushies you find in arcades, that you have to lift up with the claw thing, and I love that. It’s so so cute, and I cannot wait to see which plushie they included in the March box!



This crate was just a joy to receive in the mail and unbox. I wish now that I’d filmed it, along with my reactions. So I may just do that for the March box. But anyway, I promised that I would discuss the DIY candies, and since they were in my top 3 from this box, I shall just combine that discussion with my top 3 one. Makes sense right?

  1. The pocky pen!
    • If you could’t tell from my rambles above…I think that it’s super adorable! And it’s based on my favourite pocky (strawberry), and is therefore pink! I love pink. …and I’m so girly sometimes…it hurts.
  2. The Nemuneko plushie!
    • So so cute! I’m cuddling with it while writing this.
  3. The Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Kit Colourful Ramune Land candies!
    • And  thirdly I picked these DIY candies! Now, the reason why I picked them to be in my top 3 is not necessarily because they tasted amazing. (I did not in fact taste them because I was on my diet by then already, and am not the biggest fan of candy to begin with. So I ended up making them for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day! Sadly, he did not enjoy their flavour as much as I’d hoped. Or rather, he said the flavour was good, but the texture of the candies was a little powdery). I followed the instructions to a T, and added as much water as I was told to. So, I’m not sure if they were powdery because that’s just how they are, or because they’re DIY, or what. But despite this, I still had a lot of fun making them! I thought that the powder provided would make more candies, but that’s okay. It was a fun little task which I completed with love, since I knew that I was making them for the love of my life! They also smelled great, and were fun to push into the provided shapes. I hope that they include something like this again in future boxes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, a lot of items are included in this box, and I think that the price is pretty decent too! I might order the April box was well, hehe, because this subscription box is giving me the right dosage of Japan and Korea until I leave for my trip to those countries in May!


You can purchase the April 2017 Kawaii Box through the link below!




26 thoughts on “February 2017 Kawaii Box (Review)

  1. thebookprophet says:

    OHMYGOSH it’s all so cute! I’m starting to slowly ease my way into the asian stuff like this (I’ve started to use kawaii more recently and have actually started an anime, which is huge progress for me), but my friend is in love with asian stuff. She watches loads of anime and k-dramas and she likes k-pop and is even learning Korean right now (and her birthday is coming up!) so I’ll have to order this as a gift for her! I bet she’ll love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      YAY! I fellow kdrama addict! I’ve never seen Winter Sonata…but may have to watch it now. The kdrama I started with was A Love to Kill….so it’s surprising that I wasn’t scared away from kdramas forever! And awe why’d you feel that way?

      I was there in 2014 and I felt very…boring haha.


      • Jane the Raincity Librarian says:

        Oh my goodness, once you start watching Kdramas, you can’t stop! Though I do watch more anime nowadays, I still love me some dramas!

        Well, when I was there I was surrounded by high schoolers, and I was easily double their age, so I felt pretty old. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Flavia says:

        I should watch more anime but rarely find anything satisfying for me anymore :(. Sadly. And awe don’t feel old! They’re just babies haha


  2. LairOfBooks says:

    Omygahhhh!!!! Flavia! This box is just bursting with cuteness 😍😍😍 I’ve never even heard of this box but you have me googling now 😂 love it! I hope you enjoy the box & your trip! Sounds exciting 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      Haha isn’t it?! I’m so happy that I found out about it and decided to order! If you do end up ordering one, would you mind doing so though the links I posted at the top and bottom of the post? It’s my affiliate link 😀 and yesss my trip! It’s starting to feel more real now!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. TeacherofYA says:

    I didn’t know you were going to Korea and Japan! That’s so cool!
    I think the price is right…I’m a big Kawaii fan and have some erasers and HK stuff and lots of cute little things. I would order this box if I had money. It’s adorbs.
    When we were talking about Ever the Hunted, btw, I forgot you were in Canada. Is shipping going to be expensive? Cause I’ll feel bad! 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    • Flavia says:

      Hahaha it should be fine. Shipping from Canada to the US is sometimes cheaper than from Canada to inside Canada XD

      And yessss Japan and Korea in MAY! Bought the tickets and airbnb and I’m so so so excited! And yesss I love cute stuff 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Flavia says:

        Haha kind of! I think they could drop the prices a bit >_> and okay hehe that IS close! I’ll be sending it soon! Just broke right now and been busy haha but I get paid this week


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