March 2017 Kawaii Box (Review)

C6B43E65-AA79-41F8-ABE8-85ACD1D5F0ABProduct: March 2017 Kawaii Box
Type: Surprise subscription crate/box
What: Cute Japanese and Korean stickers, plushies, snacks, and other misc. items.
Company: Kawaii Box
Made in: Japan, Korea, China
Current price: 19.80 USD
Shipping: Free worldwide
Source: Personal purchase.


Here is a larger version of the photo above, just so you can see all of the items a little more clearly! Raphy also wanted you guys to get a closer look at his handsomeness!


Here are the items which were included this month from left to right:

  1. 4842418F-CE58-4BB3-BF7B-38152C4302FBThe (barely visible) Kawaii Box Info Card – a very helpful card which on the front displays the adorable characters from Summiko Gurashi, and on the back has a list of all which is included in the Kawaii Box (in English, because the packaging on everything is written in either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese). Very cute and helpful!
  2. Lazy Polar Bear Pen – this pen is cute and made me laugh! The bear is brown, and yet the pen says polar bear, hehe. I also like how small this pen writes, and it’s quite comfortable to hold.
  3. Tohato Caramel Corn – I tasted this treat today and it was quite good! I may have to look for larger bags of this when I visit Japan in May!
  4. Kawaii Smiles Sticker Sheet – these are adorable, squishy stickers…which I have not figured out a use for yet. But they’re stickers and they’re cute, so I’m sure I’ll use them for something one of these days! I just can’t use them in my bullet journal because they’re kind of thick and will make my pages look all wonky when the journal is closed.
  5. 5480CB1F-13F5-4F08-9884-AB8B3AA5236APeko and Sanrio Characters Chocolates – I also tasted these today, even though I don’t normally eat chocolate due to breakouts (sigh, I know, very sad). I was only going to have one piece, but ended up having two because the taste reminded me of my childhood! They’re brown chocolate on the bottom, and strawberry chocolate on top, which was one of my favourite chocolate types as a child, and I used to eat those kinds a lot!
  6. Heart Donut Keychain – I really love these fake-bun-squishy-things! My brother-in-law got me a larger coconut bun one for Christmas and I just love squishing it. I also have a little cream roll one which I’ve attacked to my 3DS. Now I have this chocolate doughnut one as well, and I’ll have to figure out what to attach it to!
  7. unnamed (1)Sanrio Characters Socks – these are so cute, and so soft and comfy! I had to really force myself to stop from unpacking them and wearing them before I took photos. They are so so soft. After I took some photos today though, I immediately took the cardboard off and put them on (and I’m still wearing them now)!
  8. Secret of Princess DIY Korean Jewellery Set – the only thing in this Kawaii Box which is kind of wasted on me. But it’s okay, because I gave them to my mom to give to a daughter of one of our family friends for her birthday, so it works out.
  9. Sweet Sweet Nail Stickers – I might not use these as nail stickers, but might decorate my bullet journal or laptop with them in stead! They’re super cute.
  10. Neko Paw Sticky Bookmarks – one of my favourites out of this box! I was actually looking at some at my local Chapters (on a  few occasions), but always convinced myself that they’re not worth the money. I’m so happy that they were included in this box though because they are adorable and I cannot wait to use them!
  11. FF03CB74-673F-403D-9F69-58088304D2E8San-X Jinbei-San Whale Plush – this plushie is a little smaller than I’d expected, but is very very cute none the less! It’s a whale shark, and it will live happily with the rest of my plushie family forever! I’m also quite surprised that my puppy did not try to steal him while I was taking this photo outside today, haha. That would have been quite sad!
  12. Harajuku Kawaii Pin – and finally the pin! I failed at displaying it in any of the photos because it was super windy, and things were starting to fly out of the Kawaii Box and I was scared that my puppy would either steal them, or that they would end up in the pond. Because of the chaos, I guess that I forgot to place the pin somewhere visible! I’m really sorry about that you guys! The pin is basically a pastel pink, and says “Ewww,” haha, so I will definitely be keeping it, even though I don’t collect pins.



This crate, just like the previous one (which you can read my review for, here) was just as fun to receive in the mail and unbox! I know that I’d said that I would try to film my reactions to this Kawaii Box, since I failed to do so for the February one, but alas….I was too excited to wait, and failed miserably. Aaanyway, here are my top 3 from this crate:

  1. The Neko Paw Sticky Bookmarks
    • Because these are just so so cute!
  2. San-X Jinbei-San Whale Plushie
    • This should come as no surprise since I really really love plushies!
  3. Tohato Caramel Corn
    • I didn’t think I’d pick any of the snacks for my top 3 ever, but these really were that tasty!

Just like with the February box, I loved how there were a lot of items included in the box, especially when considering the affordable price. For someone like me, who adores surprises and cute stuff from Japan, Korea, and China, this subscription box is just a joy! These cute items are definitely helping me deal with not being in Japan and Korea, until I will actually be going there again, haha. I know, I’m a sad little person. But anway, I will definitely be ordering the April box, and I cannot wait to see what will be included in it!


You can purchase the April 2017 Kawaii Box through the link below!




9 thoughts on “March 2017 Kawaii Box (Review)

  1. LairOfBooks says:

    Flavia! You’re seriously convincing me to sell the deal & just purchase this subscription box 😂 sooooo friggin cute! I love Japanese & Korean EVERYTHING & I have a 5 yr old that I can pass along whatever I don’t make use of the Tohato Caramel Corn sounds SO good & the chocolates & the bookmarks 🙈smh tempting. If I do sub this mth I will def do so via your link 😉💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TeacherofYA says:

    I think this box is adorbs as usual! I love it so much!
    I am so jelly of you: I’m going to stow away in your luggage so you can take me with you! I want to go to Harajuku!
    I was (and still am) obsessed with Japanese street fashion, and there’s a book you should check out called Fruits. It’s one of my fave books and it’s all pics of different styles in Japan. It’s older but it’s my prized possession bc I love their style.

    Liked by 1 person

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