Anything Goes (#3)

ezgif-819586498I know that I said I would only post these on weekends, but I decided to drop my Thursdays meme because it’s just not feasable for me to keep running it because A) I was the only one participating *sad face*, B) because I would run out of books with enough pages (394) rather quickly, and C) um…the spoilers. I’m not a fan of the spoilers. Therefore, Thursdays is now fair game for Anything Goes, until I find a new meme to fill up the slot (if at all).

What I want to talk to you guys about today is my excitement over some upcoming books! This post was inspired by something which Teacher of YA posted on her blog, about her NetGalley approvals (My Awesome NetGalley Approvals). And I hope that she doesn’t mind that I am making this post! (Please let me know if you mind!) Her post made me want to discuss some of my approvals as well, but also other books which are coming out in 2017 which I have either requested, am receiving, or haven’t bothered requesting but am still excited for.

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Anything Goes (#2)

ezgif-659454164Found some time for another Anything Goes post! Yay! I’ve been asked to judge for a short fiction contest, and read almost 30 short (or-not-so-short) stories today alone. So, I think I deserve a break.

Today I’ll be talking about Star Racers by Martin Felando!

Martin contacted me and asked me if I wanted to read and review his book. And after he told me a little about it, I knew that this was a book that I definitely want to read. I’m also glad that he came to me about the book, because I am not sure if I would have found it otherwise. I think that a lot of good books are overlooked somehow…

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Anything Goes (#1)

Note: So this post was going to go up on Saturday, because I was away for Canada Day weekend, but WordPress’ timed publishing setting has let me down. Sigh.

ezgif-217928760So, because of it being summer, and my Fridays and Saturdays being, therefore, unpredictable, I have decided that for those two days, I will not be joining any blog hops, but will rather post about something random which comes to mind (when I have time). For more info about this, and the other blog hops which I’ve joined or am hosting, please click here.

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