Stranger Things 2 Book Tag

Stranger Things 2 Book Tag Top.png

Welcome to the Stranger Things book tag! If you have not watched season 2 of Stranger Things all the way to the end and still intend to, I highly recommend that you do not read past this point! There are spoilers galore! (But there is a tag for those who have watched season 1, and you can find it here!)


For those of you who have finished the 2nd season, and miss the setting and characters as much as I do, please read on! This tag was created by myself, Harker from The Hermit Librarian, Tris from Tris’ Nook, and Breeny from Breeny’s Books! And I’d like to thank the 3 of them one more time, because I could not have finished compiling this tag without them!

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Stranger Things Book Tag (Take 2)

Stranger Things Book Tag 1B.png

I was tagged by Pore Over the Pages to do the Stranger Things Book Tag the first time in August of last year, and you can check my first completion of the tag here! So, you’re probably wondering why I’m doing the tag again, when no one else has tagged me to do it? Well, let me tell you! I finished watching season 2 of Stranger Things…well, just a day or two after the episodes were released, and then I was left wanting more. So I decided to reboot this tag with new graphics and to see if any of my choices for each category have changed! This tag was originally created by A Running Commentary, but when I clicked on the link to their page, it took me to an entirely different blog. So, I don’t know what happened to them. If any of you know, or if you are A Running Commentary, please let me know!

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Hocus Pocus Book Tag

hocus pocus title credits.png

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Never Not Reading for tagging me to complete this awesome book tag created by her! Second, I would like to say that I’m so happy this tag exists now because I LOVE Hocus Pocus (and in fact re-watched it yesterday, haha). Hocus Pocus plus books is like…heaven for me! Also, please feel free to complete the tag, even if I haven’t tagged you! Just be sure to follow the rules!

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The Cake Book Tag

the cake book tag.png

First of all, thank you to Tia @ Tia Says for tagging me! I’m currently obsessed with visuals of baked goods, and this cake tag was immensely satisfying. I wish that I could eat cakes as often as a I look at them, but alas…my skin hates them, and they go straight to my thighs! Haha. I would have never though to combine cakes and books, but someone did it (please let me know if you know who the creator of this tag is) and it works really well! I also had way too much fun assembling the images for this tag! You can feel free to re-use them as long as you keep the credits of the illustration-creator (Natalka_Dmirova from Freepik) and my credits on the images! If you want to, you can also do a shoutout for Natalka and her Dribble page, because her cake illustrations (and other works) are amazing! (But seriously, I’m half tempted now to make my next blog layout cake-themed, hahaha).

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Fight Like a YA Girl Book Tag

Fight-LIke-A-YA-Girl croppedThank you so much for Beware the Reader for tagging me to complete this tag, and also thank you to Krysti @ YAandWine for launching this awesome and fun tag! I also really like the quote which Beware the Reader took from Krysti’s original post:

“It is so important for everyone to see examples of strong women in books, television, and movies.

There are so many ways in which women exhibit strength, so this tag is meant to be a celebration of some those strengths.”

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Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life Book Tag


This lovely tag was created by Savannah over at The Book Prophet, and she has honoured me by tagging me to complete it! Like many people out there, I have seen a hand-full of Gilmore Girls episodes, but probably never in order, and always at random while visiting friends’ houses. You see, my parents don’t believe in cable, and we haven’t had cable since I was about 7 or 8, haha. Luckily though, now there’s Netflix, and every single Gilmore Girls episode is available on there! Because of this tag, I started watching Gilmore Girls last week, and love it so far, but because I’m only a few episodes in, will likely not understand many of the things mentioned in this tag. But anyway, here goes!

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Coffee Book Tag

coffee bog tag.png

I’ve been wanting to do this tag for some time now, but I was either busy with other tags or events, or he timing just wasn’t right for it. Now, that the weather is starting to cool, I’ve started thinking more and more about hot drinkies. I mean, who doesn’t like hot drinkies when it’s cold out?! They’re definitely a special treat. Especially coffee. So, I hope that you’ll enjoy reading this post as much as I had time creating it! Ps. I’ve seen this post on a number of blogs, but have decided to based it off the blog where I saw it first:

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