13 Halloween/Spooky Movies that I’m Re-watching this October


Some of you may have seen me mention this blog post idea on Twitter, and some of you may be hearing about this for the very first time. Before some readers get excited that this will contain some super creepy movies, I just wanted to let you know that yes, I’ve seen movies like The Conjuring, and Insidious, etc. and while they were quite thrilling to watch (at the time), I really suffered from lack of sleep afterward! Hahaha. I will therefore likely never re-watch those! This list will contain movies with monsters, ghosts, vampires, etc. which I actually enjoy watching, and which I can sleep quite peacefully after. Haha. So, I’m very excited to share the 13 movies that I’ve been/will be re-watching this October (with those of you who decide to stick around), on this very cursed day, Friday the 13th! 

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