My Top 10 Favourite Korean Dramas


I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for some time, and I finally said “heck, let’s jsut do it!” Even if no one ends up reading it, I know that I’ll have fun compiling this post, cause it’ll make me re-experience some of my favourite kdramas (at least a little bit)! I’ve been watching kdramas for maybe 10 years now? So, my list will contain some good oldies, as well as some good newer ones. Please keep in mind that I have not watched any dramas since I got back from Korea and Japan in June, so please don’t mad if some of the dramas didn’t make it on the list! Plus, this is a very personal top 10! I am in no way claiming that these should be everyone’s top 10 Korean dramas. Also, I will be counting backward from 10 to 1, so as to keep my favourite kdrama of all time a surprise for the end! Okay. Let’s dive in!

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