Monthly Wrap-Up (February 2017)

ezgif-1-757cf2028fFebruary was soooo shoooort. Like, what do I even do with that?! It just flew by. I guess it doesn’t help that I spent most of it sick with the worst virus I’ve ever experienced. Seriously. It was horrid, and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies. Although February has come and gone far too quickly, I am excited about March because, 1) spring, and 2) it’s my birthday month! I don’t look forward to getting older, but am excited for the books I’ll be reading the products I’ll be trying and reviewing! I’m also of course looking forward to good times with friends, and getting my hair done for the first time in a while! Whoo!

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Montly Wrap-Up (November 2016)

tumblr_n8opg8pmkr1t19jpho1_500And so, another month has passed and we are now entering the last 31 days of 2016. Can you believe it?! Time sure does fly. It feels as if it was just yesterday that January 2016 had begun, and I was pulling my hair out while looking over all of the course work looming in front of me, standing between me and my Master’s degree, haha. I cannot believe that it will now have been a year minus 31 days since that crazy time. Now I know that the above GIF will not be accurate for all of you (I’m not ignorant enough to believe that it snows everywhere in the world during this time of year), but here in Canada, December usually ends up looking like a winter wonderland over next months.

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Montly Wrap-Up (October 2016)

First and foremost….

tumblr_muzyrxsvq41qedb29o1_500Happy Halloween!!!

I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favourite holidays! Unluckily, I woke up sick this morning, but I don’t think that I will let that stop me from getting dressed up and going to a haunted house hosted by my mother-in-law’s neighbours! I’m not sure what I’ll dress up as (gasp…I know, the last-minute-ness, and I swear I never let this happen! But I was away from Oct 2nd until the 27th and I just didn’t have time to figure something out)…but I think I’ll go with some skeleton face paint!

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Monthly Wrap-up (September 2016)

ezgif-4212080755.gifFirstly, I would like to apologize for posting this Wrap-up fairly late. They will normally be going up on the last day of each respective month, but at the end of September, I was preparing for a long journey to Romania, and my boyfriend and I also celebrated our anniversary on October 1st. Writing this post in advance was also impossible, due to my schedule during the weeks leading up to my anniversary and trip.

Now that I’m settled in at my grandparents’ in Romania, however, I have the time to sit and write this post! Note: I was going to complete and publish this post yesterday (Oct. 4), but my wifi here is finicky and it went out before I could finish. And then it was bed time, haha. Sorry guys!

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Monthly Wrap-up (August 2016)

ezgif-366922769.gifAugust has come to an end (far too quickly if you ask me), and it’s time for my monthly wrap-up. While for the last 2 months I’ve been posting these wrap ups only in the newsletter, I have decided that I will not be doing the newsletter again, until there are more sign-ups, haha. Therefore, my monthly wrap-ups will come in the form of blog posts, until further notice.

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