Japan and Korea 2017 (Day 6) Part 1: Riding the Shinkansen, Odawara Samurai Museum, Odawara Castle, and Miyukinohama Beach

Miyukinohama Beach small.gifIt’s finally time for another episode of Flavia goes to Japan and South Korea! Just kidding. Unless you think of these as episodes. Which is fine. Haha. Anyway, as you can probably tell from the other posts I’ve made about this trip, we made sure to stay busy every single day! Because Day 6 was just as busy as Day 5, I have decided to split this day up into two posts as well! I don’t want to overwhelm you all with too much stuff, and I also dislike when my posts look too long, haha. If you want to find out more about some of the planning that went into this trip, as well as about the first half of Day 6 (of course), read on!

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Japan and Korea 2017 (Day 5) Part 2: Ikegami, and Harajuku (the Meiji Shrine and Takashita Street)

IMG_1497I’m very very sorry about how late this post is! My life sort of exploded, and I really had to prioritize books, and book reviews for a while! Part 1 of this post went up on July 27th, and that is kind of ridiculous. Considering that I had to split Day 5 up into 2 parts, I am extremely sorry that I had to make all of you wait so long for Part 2! That being said, I think that this is one of the more exciting posts about my travels through Japan and Korea in May of this year. I mean, Harajuku and the Meiji Shrine are both pretty famous places! But I’ll let you be the judge.

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Japan and Korea 2017 (Day 5) Part 1: Akihabara, and Shin Okubo

IMG_1481It appears that I’ve lost some momentum when it comes to these posts. Or maybe I’m in over my head when it comes to the other content on my blog. There’s also the fact that I get a little (to very) sad whenever I write these posts, because I miss Japan and my friends so much. But whichever the case, it’s looking like I’ll be posting these every 1-2 weeks, and I’m sorry about that! I’ll be uploading this post on a Thursday rather than a Friday to make up for it (not that that’s really much of a treat)! I hope that the wait will have been worth it because let me tell you…Day 5 was insanely busy, as it was a day we wanted to dedicate to Japan’s capital, and my planning skills are apparently amazing enough for us to cover four famous districts of Tokyo! Due to how much we did in one day though, I’ll be sectioning this day off into two parts! Continue reading for part 1!

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Monthly Wrap-Up (May & June 2017)

051c03bf81b3211f4a67222f665a6e5aacfce467_hq.gifHello everyone! (Please enjoy the kisses sent to you from my BTS bias, Jin, GIF on the left)! He is seriously the cutest and dorkiest, and I love him. But anyway! As some of you may have noticed, I did not post a monthly wrap-up for May, and that’s because I was away on vacation for most of that month, and therefore hadn’t posted enough to put in a wrap-up! So, just as I’ve done with March and April, I decided to just attach the posts from May to my June wrap-up, and just put them up that way together. It just made more sense to me!

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Japan and Korea 2017 (Day 3): Rain in Tokyo, Starbucks, Tokyo Tower, and Yuri on Ice

IMG_1095It’s finally time for me to share Day 3 with all of you! Doing this on a weekly basis is kind of hard on me, I’ll be honest, because I’m just impatient and want to tell you all about everything right now. But in order to do that, posting about one day per week is the only way to do it. It’s the only way that I can really get in as much detail as possible, and give everything as much time/space as it deserves. It’s a rainy day here today, and it seems only fitting that I write about another rainy day today, which happened just a few weeks ago…

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Yuri on Ice / ユーリ!!! on ICE (Anime Review)

Yuri_on_Ice_Key_VisualTitle: Yuri on Ice
Director: Sayo Yamamoto
Writer: Mitsurō Kubo
Studio: MAPPA
Original network: TV Asahi
Original run: October 6, 2016 – December 22, 2016
Episodes: 12
Type: Fiction
Genre: Contemporary, Sports
Source: Funimation

Summary: Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki faces a crushing defeat during the Grand Prix finals and heads home, unsure of whether or not he wishes to continue his skating career. After a video of Yuri mimicking Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov’s routine goes viral, Victor decided to become Yuri’s coach, much to the dismay of his coach, his fans, and his fellow Russian skater Yuri Plisetsky.

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Top Ten Tuesday (#20): Top Ten Books I Read In One Sitting


Still so happy that this meme is back! I really do enjoy this one the most, and this week has proven to be another fun list to compile! Top ten books I read in one sitting…and it should come as no surprise that most of these are comics, graphic novels, and manga, haha. I’m really not a fast reader, so it’s very rare for me to get through a full book in only one sitting! There’s a lot more adulting to do nowadays too, so that definitely interrupts the “one sitting” status most often. But anyway, I hope that you enjoy this week’s list, and happy reading to you all!

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Merman in My Tub (Vol.1) / オレん家のフロ事情, Vol. 1 by Itokichi / いときち [Review]

orenchi_no_furo_jijo_manga_volume_coverTitle: Merman in my Tub (Vol.1) / オレん家のフロ事情
Author: Itokichi, いときち
Type: Fiction
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Seven Seas / Macmillan
Date published: March 27, 2012 (Japan), October 13, 2015 (English)
Format: E-book
Page Count: 138
Source: Personal purchase

Summary: What happens when an intruder from the sea stakes claim to your bathtub? A cool yet demure teenage boy named Tatsumi must learn to live with the self-obsessed and playful merman, Wakasa, in a small Tokyo apartment. These two dissimilar young men will learn what it takes to deal with one another in their everyday lives. Who knows, maybe something beyond friendship will unfold between them? Stranger things have happened. Or have they?

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