How I Prepare for a Trip Abroad (Part 1): Picking a Destination & Accommodations

ezgif-2-d4cb38535bAs some of you will know, I have been toying with the idea of travel blogging while I’m away on my trip this May. By this point, I know for sure that I will be writing a series of posts, although I am still figuring out how they will be set up and such. Some time last night, while mulling this all over, I realized that some of you might not be interested only in the trip itself, but also the days leading up to it. I know that before I started traveling (especially traveling on my own), that I did a lot of research regarding packing, and other such preparations. Now, I want to hopefully be “that person” who wrote “that article” which helped someone prepare for and plan out their trip! I have planned out a series of these posts, the first of which is, of course, “Part 1.” So, if this sounds like something for you, please read on!

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