How I Prepare for a Trip Abroad (Part 5): Packing

ezgif-2-d4cb38535bAs it’s finally time for part 5, and it’s only fitting since it’s about packing, and today is my last day in Canada until May 31st! In the case that this is the first time you are stumbling upon one of these posts of mine, welcome to my travel prep series! In a series of 5 posts, I have (and will be) discussing how I get ready for my trips abroad in the hopes that it will help some of you prepare for future trips of your own! In this post I will be discussing everything to do with packing! (And you will see below, why packing gets an entire post to itself!) Also, if you would like to read parts 1-4 first, you can find links to all of them below this article! If you have already read the previous sections, or would just like to jump right in part 5, please read on!

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