Beat the Backlist 2017 TBR


Those of you who have scrolled through my Home page lately, may have noticed that I have added a reading challenge section at the bottom. I participated in the Goodreads reading challenge last year and did really well (75 out of 60! whut?!), so I decided to participate in a few more this year, and see how I do! One of these reading challenges is Beat the Backlist which is being hosted by the lovely Novel Knight!

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#ReadThemAllThon TBR

I’ve decided to join my first readathon! Many fellow bookworms (including the creator of this readathon, Aentee from Read at Midnight), have said that readathons have been a great way for them to tackle their TBR piles! So, I decided to give it a try because my TBR pile is getting out of control (it’s not a pile anymore, but 3 shelves), and because I love anything and everything Pokémon-related! This is just an awesome readathon idea.


Disclaimer: Pokémon does not belong to me, but to Nintendo!

Okay so, to quote Aentee directly, for those who may also like to join, or just simply want to know that the heck it is that I’m talking about, hahaha:

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